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Ideanetics is focussed on helping startups and small businesses to develop and redesign beautiful, yet professional websites. We understand that all businesses have different requirements and hence we provide tailor-made services to deliver websites and functionality that would maximise your online presence.

Sites created / portfolio

RNL Drainage Solutions : RNL Drainage Solutions is a newly established consultancy, located in Leicester and covering the whole of the East Midlands area. RNLDS is an independent drainage consultancy accredited by the Water Research Centre (WRc) and Institute of Civil Engineers (

Flo & Sang : Flo & Sang is a fashionable lifestyle brand created by two highly creative individuals. It was launched on September 24th 2009 with a glittering catwalk show that wowed audiences. The post catwalk viewing and sale was such a hit, that many products sold o

Sleepydog : Sleepydog is an ideas business operating in the media sector. They have a history of thinking outside the box and breaking down barriers by identifying gaps and challenging traditional thinking. Our products, tools and methodologies all help monetise new

Weird and Wonderful Hotels : Weird & Wonderful Hotels is an intrepid new series that ventures off the beaten track to uncover the most unique places in which to spend a night. Avoiding the well-trodden path of other TV travel shows, Weird & Wonderful Hotels takes you to some astonish