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Sourcebits offer professional services in all areas of iPhone, Flex, Mac, Web 2.0, Flex, Ajax, Flash, RIA, PHP, Zend, ROR, HTML & CSS Technologies.

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Sourcebits Technologies is a leading product and service consulting firm on Macintosh, iPhone & Web 2.0 platform. Headquartered in Bangalore, IT capital of India, Sourcebits strives to develop the best software for Mac, iPhone & Web 2.0 platform. Sourcebits offers a range of targeted services for Web 2.0 platform including development on PHP, Ruby on Rails(ROR), Amazon Web Services, Adobe Flex, Flash, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML & CSS. Emphasizing quality, reliability and efficiency, the company provides services to over 100 businesses worldwide.

Sites created / portfolio

iPhone Application Developers | iPhone Game Programmers | iPhone SDK Coders : iPhoneDevelopmentBits is a blog about latest news on the iPhone development, resources available for development on iPhone and anything that concerns iPhone Programmers.

Web 2.0 Development | Ruby on Rails Development | JavaScript Development | India : Blog covering aspects of web development and programming including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, ActionScript, Flash, Flex, PHP, Zend Framework, Wordpress, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, and Python!

Android Developers Blog | Web Coders Blog | iPhone Programming Blog | India : Sourcebits blog is all about the latest news and updates of Sourcebits offering Mac, iPhone, Android & Web 2.0 software development services.

Spoonjuice Blog: Juice up your iPhone! : The Spoonjuice blog is about all the latest information on iPhone and Android products by an international group of designers and coders.

Zend Development | Ajax Development | Blog by Sourcebits : The blog will carry original articles and tutorials on jQuery, PHP, Zend Framework, Linux etc.

Android Software Development Kit | Android Application Development | AndroidKit : AndroidKit is a blog by Sourcebits for sharing its expertise on Android Application Development, Android Game Development and Android Software Development Kit.