Binarytrends is a web software solutions provider based in Surrey, UK. We design and build accessible, web standards compliant search friendly websites

More Information

At Binarytrends we design, develop and optimise web software solutions.We focus on writing code which is web standards compliant and accessible to humans as well as search engines. We are based in Surrey and currently serve SMEs and businesses in the UK.

Sites created / portfolio

Technosys UK Ltd : Technosys UK Ltd. is an IT service management company. Binarytrends designed and developed their logo and website

Anyclear : Anyclear is a waste management and reycling company. We designed and developed their logo and website

JM Transformers : JM Transformers is a transformers manufacturing company. We designed and developed their Logo and website

Easyfit Carpets : A carpet selling and contract furnishing company in London. We designed their website.

MERC Education : An IT and business education establishment. We developed thier information system.