Why Use WordPress for Your New Website Design

Why Use WordPress for Your New Website Design

WordPress is easily one of the most popular choices for businesses and bloggers for building and designing their website.

A common misconception is that people tend to have is that WordPress is a tool that is solely used for blogging. But the fact is that WordPress is a top choice for businesses for a reason. This article will take a closer look at just why WordPress should be used for your new website design.

WordPress Offers Flexibility with Plugins

With WordPress, you have access to an extensive list of plugins that will make your website more functional for your visitors. It can also help you with things like content management and in-depth analysis that you can use for your business. There are so many different official plugins that you can take advantage of for your website.

No Coding Required

If you don’t have the budget to have a professional design your website and you lack the skills and knowledge to design it, WordPress is a great option. They have plenty of themes that you can choose from, which allows you to create the look that you want with your website without having to know how to code. You can pay for these themes or you can choose from one of the many free official themes that you can find on WordPress.

The Affordable Choice

WordPress does have free options, with thousands of free themes that you can choose from as well as free plugins. You could potentially only spend $60 a year on your website, depending on what you need from your website. Compare this to the potential $96 starting price offered by Squarespace.

Excellent Support

One of the perks of WordPress being such a popular choice for websites is that they can invest in having an amazing customer support team for their customers. They offer excellent support services as well as have plenty of tutorials and forums that can help you optimize your website.

No Need for Third-Party Tools

For those people who don’t like the idea of using third-party tools for your website, you will like the fact that WordPress has everything that you could typically want. You can access these tools using your dashboard, giving you one convenient location for all of these things. If you do want to use tools from a third-party, then you can still access these things right on your dashboard.


Another reason why this is such a popular choice is because they are always striving to be the most easy-to-use website builder. There are other options on the market, like Wix, which offer easy drag-and-drop interfaces to easily build websites. But WordPress offers flexibility as well as a WordPress Customizer tool that really gives you control over designing your website so that it looks exactly how you want it to.


These are only a few reasons why you should consider WordPress as the option for your new website design. This is a relatively easy website builder that offers the flexibility and customization that you need for your site.