Top Sites to Find Quality Free Website Design Resources

Top Sites to Find Quality Free Website Design Resources

Whether you’re an illustrator, web designer, or a website handyman – someone who does a bit of everything – the right resources can be invaluable.

Fortunately, there are lots of free web design resources to utilize online. When you are working with a limited budget, it can be quite difficult to finish a project to the standards you’d like. It is not only frustrating but reflects negatively on you too.  So, what are the top sites available to you for free and that are worth your time?


Unsplash photos are for everyone. On Unsplash there are well over 2 million free high-resolution images, provided by seemingly by the world’s most generous community of photographers. Photos are hand-selected and Unsplash only accept only the best, so whatever you are looking for you should be able to find exactly what you need. Unsplash has a large community of photographers providing their images.


There are a lot of amazing free images & royalty free images on Pixabay. In fact, over 2 million! These are high quality images, videos and even music that has been shared by the talented Pixabay community. Everything is released under the Pixabay License, making them safe to use without attribution – even for commercial purposes.

Google Fonts

Googles aim is “Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography and iconography”. Google Fonts is the best place for high performing fonts. There is an enormous catalogue of open source fonts, and Google make it easy for you to integrate highly decorative fonts seamlessly onto your website. You can search for, filter and find fonts for use in more than 135 languages. Fonts are displayed from individual type designers and font foundries.


Search through 6,004,618 icons, illustrations and 3D illustrations. Filter through the world’s largest marketplace for icons and illustrations with flexibility and ease. Made up by submissions from top designers around the world, and curated by our team. Just one icon for a presentation or an entire collection for a website? No matter how big of a designer you are, we are geared to fulfill your icon needs. Choose your own way to use our platform.


This is a site that is a valuable resource to thousands of web designers, e-book writers, and more. Eamejia has thousands of free mock-ups print designs, book covers, web templates, website background templates, and more. It does offer great value in many forms, and there are no strings attached with the free templates either. This does make Eamejia a great quality – and free – resource. You could search through and find many different inspirations and ideas. It’s great if you are tasked with creating a book cover and you aren’t sure where to start. One or two ideas could spark your imagination.

Pic Jumbo

You don’t see many free stock photo websites that allow their products to be used for commercial purposes; however, Pic Jumbo does. The photographer behind the site has created a unique idea that appeals to newcomers in the industry and seasoned experts. You have an amazing array of high-quality photos to choose from. It’s great because new photos are uploaded regularly, and you can take a lot of inspiration from Pic Jumbo. Whether you want to use any stock photos or just get a few ideas, Pic Jumbo can help in many ways too.

Best of all, there are no strings attached. You do not need to pay a penny for stock photos unless you specifically want to donate. That’s the beauty of Pic Jumbo, it’s entirely free but the photos are high-quality, nonetheless.

Open Font Library

Websites can’t – or rather shouldn’t – look the same. When all sites look the same, they turn off the reader. You want to create something memorable so that the reader comes back to the site. When you’re a complete mirror image of a competitor’s website, the reader will remain true to them, so it’s essential you create something unique. You want fonts that are bold but subtle, and that are appealing, readable, and preferably free to use. Open Font Library has hundreds of fantastic and unique fonts to choose from. You can even get Farsi and Latin fonts too.

Fire Shot

Creating a site isn’t complete without a screenshot of your software or app. While this might not seem like such an overly important aspect, it is expected, nonetheless. You can spend a lot of time taking screenshots of apps and transferring over to another program to edit them. It’s wasteful and you can become frustrated. Fortunately, with Fire Shot, that is a thing of the past. You can take a quality screenshot and edit it within seconds.

You don’t need to use any other software; it can be done entirely on Fire Shot. You can save your screenshot, upload, share, copy, or send it. This is a great way to save some time and is convenient too. You don’t need to copy and paste to another program and edit there; it’s a simple way to get the job done.

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha is a fantastic resource to use. There are lots of freebies and they can even be used for commercial reasons. That is quite unique because some free sites limit and are quite strict over what can and can’t be used commercially. With Pixel Buddha offering that commercial ability, it does make it a more interesting prospect, to say the least. You can find lots of free sources on the site, such as logo mock-ups, UI kits, animation, templates, icons, effects, and more.

Graphic Burger

You probably have heard of Graphic Burger, however, if you haven’t, this is a great resource. You have access to free UI kits, icons, mock-ups, text effects, and more – all for free. That isn’t the best part, you can use the freebies for commercial use too. That is handy because most free sites do not offer this feature. It’s great to see and can make simple web design task go quicker.

Getty Images

Getty Images is probably a name you’ve heard of and whether you’re a newcomer or otherwise, it’s a resource you’ll adore. It has one of the biggest resources of stock photographs you’ll likely find online, and you can access them all for free. Getty Images is a fantastic site to use because of the extensive stock photos available; it’s quite immense and varied. There are photos for all sorts of categories, genres, fads, and more. The only drawback is that you cannot use the images for a commercial purpose. However, it’s still an ideal resource for blogs and personal sites.

Dream Stale

One thing about Dream Stale is that it’s new but the resources available are still varied. You can view tutorials, tips, and more. You’ll have access to icon packs, backgrounds, mock-ups, photoshop effects, and lots of other free downloads. It’s extensive and does have a lot to offer. Dream Stale is a great resource to consider.

Sallée Design

It’s important to get resources that are high-quality but relevant to your design needs today. With Sallée Design, you get access to free resources, such as wallpaper, icons, and PSD files. It can be an invaluable site, especially since it was designed by a renowned website designer. Sallée Design looks good and does provide an array of useful resources to help you succeed.

Never Pass on Free Resources

Fortunately, there are many honest and free sites that offer great, quality resources. You can use them to your advantage and make your job a little easier.